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Shared Coordinates

The rule: ProjectBasePoint.0.position is applicable for projects where it has been explicitly stated not to move the project base point.

The rule: ProjectSurveyPoint.0.position This rule checks if the ProjectSurveyPoint is not 0, this rule was created before the 2022 version of Revit. Changes where made how the shared coodinates work in Revit in that version.

Revit 2021

In Revit 2021 it can be beneficial to have multiple locations as each location can store values for the Project base point. Shared Coordinates

Shared Coordinates

Revit 2022

Rule of thumb: The Project Base Point should stay on top of the Revit origin. The survey point should be moved to the chosen National coordinate system. Us the Specify Coordinates at point tool on top of the Project Base Point and fill in the location according to your country specifics.

Specify Coordinates at point